bitFlyer Lightning Realtime API Playground


The Realtime API can provide information after the point of connection establishment. If the connection is lost, information delivered before reconnection can not be received. (Connection may be intentionaly disconnected for maintenance.)

Sample codes for JSON-RPC 2.0 over WebSocket do not include reconection procedure. You need to implement it to receive continuosly.

TLS 1.2 compatible client and client settings are required to connect.

For HTTP API, see API Playground.

* If your API Secret is leaked to a third party there is a risk that they may perform operations or transactions with your funds, resulting in losses.

It is your responsibility to keep your API Key and API Secret strictly confidential.
We highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication.
We take no responsibility for any losses incurred if, through the use of the API your API Key or other login information is leaked (or similar) due to misuse, error or inadequate management such as not using two-factor authentication.